``Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.``

Benjamin Franklin

Duraclean’s training begins at our Corporate Headquarters’ in Arlington Heights, Illinois, about 25 miles northwest of Chicago’s O’Hare airport and focuses on introducing you to the many facets of your new business. The sessions begin with a conversation, to make sure, we and you are on the same page regarding your life goals. We never try to fit you into our idea of what you want to accomplish, on the contrary, we mold your plan to fit you and where you want to be in one year, three years, five years and beyond.

We begin with interactive class room sessions, exposing you to the unlimited upside potential of this service industry where you will operate your Duraclean business. Once your orientation is completed we will then rotate between Marketing, Management, and Technical sessions. In all cases you will participate as we move from class room, to hands-on, to open discussion, making sure we focus on your goals.

In the Marketing session our objective is to cover the many avenues used to creating clients. We will begin with a discussion on creating your Duraclean Website, which is part of your franchise package. Next we will have a discussion on Social Media, which is the conduit between businesses and clients in today’s world. You will spend time with Trish Gerace, the individual responsible for keeping Duraclean Franchises pertinent in the web based economy we live in. We will also cover networking, one-on-one presentations, plus multiple additional topics to create clients.

The Management training will include everything necessary to keep your business organized and on track. Part of this session will be your introduction to Duraclean’s web based business software, the first year of which is part of your original package. Cindy Gillespie will be the facilitator for this presentation and will follow-up with you when you get back home where your training on the software will continue. During this section we will also go over the insurance requirements necessary to operate your Duraclean business and keep you protected.

The Technical training will cover both the how to and the tools needed to perform all of your services. This training will include both necessary classroom and hands on sessions. Actually your training never ends, new surfaces, new equipment, and new opportunities will require an ongoing pipe line of information and training sessions necessary to keep you on the cutting edge of all possibilities. This is where Duraclean’s unmatched support becomes a very valuable asset.